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My name is Danielle Boelema and I am the owner of StarLines Translations. As such, I provide translations from English to Dutch and vice versa to business clients as well as well as private individuals. You can hire me to translate varied kinds of text, such as for instance brochures, websites, letters or books. My services also include the correction and editing of Dutch and English texts.


The advantages of working with StarLines:


  • High-quality translations for only €0,05 per word (with exception of urgent translations, which cost €0,07 per word)
  • Your translation always in the original format, so ready for use!
  • Corrected and edited texts alsways include explanations as to why I changed things: this way, you will learn to write better texts yourself!
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“The process of translation comprises in its essence the whole secret of human understanding of the world and of social communication.”

Hans Georg Gadamer

Services and rates


English-to-Dutch and Dutch-to-English translations (€0,05/ €0,07 per word)


StarLines provides high-quality translations for a number of fields. Request a quote or contact me to find out how I can be of service to you.

All translations are delivered in the original format, so ready for use!

Urgent translations cost €0,07 per word.


Correction of Dutch and English texts (€25,00 per hour)


I will check your text for spelling and grammar mistakes, and improve punctuation if necessary.


Editing of Dutch and English texts (€35,00 per hour)


I will improve the readability of your text by checking it for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes as well as taking into consideration language, style and logical structure.


Proofreading of Dutch and English translations (€0,02 per word/ €20,00 per hour)


I will compare the original text with its translation and check whether the translation contains any errors. In addition, I will correct any possible spelling and grammar mistakes, and, if necessary, edit the translation to the extent that it becomes a faithful reflection of the original text.

The rate applied will depend on the quality level of the original translation.


Please note: A minimum of €25,00 per order applies to all services and all rates are excluxive of taxes.

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StarLines has worked with renowned partners such as American bestselling author Scott Nicholson and the internationally operating Dutch construction company BAM.

Need a text to be translated into Dutch? This is how you apply for a quote!


You can apply for a personal offer without any obligations by sending an e-mail to quotation@starlinestranslations.com.


When requesting a quote, please attach the text you wish to have translated to your e-mail. This way, I can assess whether it lies within my capabilities to translate your text, and how long it will take me to complete the translation. Don’t forget to include your telephone number and any other information regarding the translation such as for instance demanded deadline as well as any additional questions and remarks. I will send you your quote by return.

If the material you wish to have translated cannot be sent to StarLines digitally, or if you prefer not to do so, please contact me by e-mail or phone so that we can work out a solution together.



Rather see a sample translation first?


It is possible to request a sample translation from me to help you decide whether you wish to use my services. A sample translation costs €0,05 per word and can be requested by sending me an e-mail.

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“Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.”

Anthony Burgess

About me


My name is Danielle Boelema. I have a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies, which I studied at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. The American Studies programme offered courses that allowed me to gain a profound knowledge of the English language, American political and societal systems, and American art, culture, and media. The programme was taught almost entirely in English, and required me to write many (academic) pieces and give many oral presentations in English.


While I was a student, I worked as a translator at a publishing house. For this company, I drew up (Englis) press releases and letters and translated (parts of) books and poems. I loved doing this work so much that I decided to establish my own translation company.


Since the establishment of StarLines in 2012, I have translated texts about many different subjects for, among others, Dutch construction company BAM, the Martini Hospital in Groningen and the government of the Dutch province of Drenthe. I also translated one of the novels of best-selling American author Scott Nicholson into Dutch.


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“A language does not become fixed. The human intellect is always on the march, or, if you prefer, in movement, and language along with it.”

Victor Hugo



StarLines Translations



Bunnemaheerd 108

9737 RG, Groningen

The Netherlands


Phone number:

+31 50 3601360










Business information:

Owner: D.M. Boelema

KvK (Chamber of Commerce) number: 54459451

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Do you have any questions or remarks regarding my services?

Please call me or send me an e-mail!